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Our designation at MEKH register: EASZ-01-8/2016.

MSZ EN ISO 50001: 2019 certificate number: MSZT EIRRM / 028/2016 / MSZT

Berg Energy Kft. is a registered auditor as an organisation, for conducting energy audit activities, at registration number EASZ-01-8/2016 based on the resolution no. 305/2016 by the HUNGARIAN ENERGY AND PUBLIC UTILITY REGULATORY AUTHORITY (MEKH) dated 19.01.2016.
The European Parliament has outlined a new directive on energy efficiency, according to which the energy consumption of the Union must be reduced by 20% by 2020. In line with this the Green Economic Development Department of the MINISTRY OF NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT has elaborated its expectations for Hungarian large companies according to which conducting an audit for large companies is mandatory. However, the program stimulates SME*s (small and medium-sized enterprises) to devise and implement their energy awareness objectives of as well.

Mandatory deadline

The first deadline for conducting an energy audit for large companies, was 5th December 2015, and the deadline is adjusted accordingly every 4 years.

Contents of the audit

  • they have to rely on up-to-date, measured and traceable operational data;
  • during audits a detailed revision of energy consumption profile of buildings or groups of buildings, industrial operations or facilities including transport;
  • if possible, they have to rely on life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) and not on simple payback periods (SPP);
  • they must be proportional and appropriately representative to be able to reflect a reliable picture of the general energy efficiency and by means of them to determine the most significant enhancement potentials;
  • the energy audits must allow detailed and credible calculations regarding the proposed measures to provide clear information on potential savings;
  • data used during the energy audit must be storable for retroactive analysis and follow-up of performance.

Value of the audit

An audit conducted with appropriate professionality is a clear value to the enterprise as enhancement potentials are determined during audit supported by payback calculations, by which the energy efficiency, environmental and competitiveness goals of the enterprise can be achieved more efficiently. In addition, by conducting an energy efficiency audit you will get an exact picture of current energy use, and missing data, measurement points, schedules are mapped and developments assisting the operation of enterprise are outlined. Enhancement proposals for raising energy use efficiency are made on the basis of engineering and payback calculations, potentials for renewable energy use are surveyed.

Energy design

The first step of process is to determine current and past energy consumers, facilities, systems and persons that have an impact on energy consumption. The surveying includes all energy consumers for instance the energy use of enterprise vehicles and IT equipment as well. Energy performances can be determined based on obtained data. Our experts draw up proposals to reach more efficient operation of systems, supported by calculations and feasibility plans. Through these the energy status, energy efficiency indices, objectives and action plans can be determined.

The audit can be replaced by the incorporation of ISO 50001

According to the decree, the mandatory audit can be replaced by the incorporation of international standard ISO 50001. It is important to note that the audit conducted by energy efficiency experts not only meets the obligation of conducting an audit but serves as the basis for the incorporation of ISO 50001 for enterprises with ISO system. Our experience is that many large companies take this route and can benefit from the international standard in addition to the mandatory procedure.

International standard ISO 50001

The goal of this international standard is to help the organisation set up systems and processes that are necessary for enhancing energy performance including energy efficiency, - use and - consumption. Through these methodical energy management processes the emission of greenhouse gases, also other environmental impacts and energy costs can be reduced. The potentials revealed during energy efficiency audit and the proposals help achieve a sustainable and competitive operation as well as the implementation of environmental goals.

Besides the professional content of mandatory energy efficiency audit, the energy performance indicators (EPIs) are determined and planned and real energy consumptions are compared, of whose deviations are assessed by us. Another part is Energy measurement and monitoring plan, which is a further strengthens the design of real energy consumption.

Either opting for conducting the mandatory energy efficiency audit or incorporating ISO 50001, it is essential for large companies that they should choose a partner that draws up a really useful professional material for them in addition to company obligations. If they opt for incorporating the ISO certification, they shall minimise the administration burden of companies in collaboration of the organisation entitled for ISO incorporation.

The Energy Management Software is a flawless tool in fulfilling the expected and above mentioned criteria. Our partners’ high level of expertise both in the field of energy audit and efficient energy design can actively contribute to a successful performance.

Thus, it is worth finding the appropriate partner the sooner the better that helps find your obligations in energy efficiency and achieving your goals.

Our company may undertake official energy audit activities laid down by law.
Our designation at MEKH register: EASZ-01-8/2016.

Our common goal still remains your energy efficiency efforts to come true, thus if you have any question regarding the above do not hesitate to contact us.

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