Bergenergy [főoldal]


Our main and basic activity is energy efficiency service, which is built on three basic pillars:

  • Engineering service, mapping potentials, which is the basis for any further investment activity. Our experts analyse energy-using equipment, active and passive energy efficiency during the local audit. We map every significant energy-using equipment during the analysis. We not only look at the efficiency of the equipment but also investigate energy-using equipment causing loss and we seek a way of use for the usable waste energies. As the last step of optimisation of energy use we propose solutions for potentials of use of renewable energy. Investments are supported with payback calculations thereby facilitating our partners’ decision making process.
  • Project management, implementation. Energy-saving is achieved by implementing real projects. These projects may aim at energy developments, lighting modernisation, use of renewable energy or simply putting a phase correcting device to use. Our company undertakes complete design and construction with its certified partners.
  • Monitoring, operation. The conscious and optimal operation is enabled by continuous monitoring of systems, build-out of measurement system, assessment, analysis of measurement results as well as intervention and correction. Our monitoring system provides support not only for operation but also preparation of reports responding to needs. It is important to point out that no external support is required either for the operation of the system or generation of new reports, you or your co-workers can prepare reports based on your own ideas, the reports are available in 12 languages. You can read more about our monitoring system on page Mandatory sub-measurement system.
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