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Dear Visitor,

Dear Partner,

Thank you for honouring us with your interest. Berg Energy Kft. is an engineering office serving its partners with energy audit, design, full range of construction and energy management solutions in aiming at sustainability.

I believe that an energy efficiency project with a payback based on companies’ visions is the best solution and best investment. This investment increases company value, enhances work environment conditions significantly, increase competitiveness, reduces expenditures, saves energy, thereby alleviating adverse impacts on environment as well. Our engineers can help you find an investment that corresponds your visions. We have managed to reveal opportunities to our partners through my co-workers’ commitment and many years of their experience, that is how our success has become our partner’s success too - reaching common goals that is more efficient use of energy.


Berg Energy, along with its partners, aims to provide such solutions for our clients, which help to reach their energy efficiency goals. Our cooperating partners are manufacturer professionals, development specialists, contractors and engineers who are committed to energy efficiency and sustainability. Their work helps to protect the environment. In cooperation with our clients, we are able to find the optimal solution by applying active and passive energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. By realizing energy efficiency projects your company not only becomes more competitive, it also promotes global environmental goals.


During the assessment we examine every significant energy using device. Not only do we look at efficiently of these energy using devices, but we also pay attention to those, which cause losses. We also look for methods using recyclable waste energy. We perform measurement, planning and implementation in line with the together planned schedule.

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Yours faithfully, 

Gábor Virga

Managing Director

Berg Energy Kft.

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