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External energy expert

From 1st of January 2017, every large or high energy consumer companies must use an energy expert (natural person or company) as described below.

The energy expert’s role is described by the Energy Efficiency Law: 2015/LVII, Chapter VII, paragraph 17/B. Some more details can be found in the Government Regulation 122/2015 paragraph 7/A.

The topic belongs to Hungarian Energy And Public Utility Regulatory Authority.

Affected enterprises

Basically, every non small or medium size company and every other that has energy consumption above:

  1. 400.000 kWh electricity,

  2. 100.000 Nm3 natural gas or

  3. 3.400 GJ heat

in average of the last three years.

The role of the energy expert

  1. supports the energy auditor to make the audit survey; or supports the introduction and the running of an ISO 50001 energy management system;

  2. develops energy saving projects;

  3. calculates the savings of the already realised energy efficiency projects;

  4. makes a monthly report about the analysis of the energy consumptions and about his/her activities;

  5. based on the monthly reports compiles a yearly report (until 15th of May) that summarises the savings occurred by the energy efficiency investments and by the process optimisations;

  6. supports the tasks about energy purchasing, secure of energy supply, energy efficiency;

  7. supports the obligatory energy reporting according to the Efficiency Law paragraph §22/C.

The obligations of the companies in connection with energy experts

After contracting with the energy expert, the company has to inform the Authority within 30 days.

The yearly report must be published on the company website until 31st of May.

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