Bergenergy [főoldal]


We offer very favourable financial instruments mainly for our lighting modernisation projects.

Each of these instruments are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

In each case we try to determine the duration of instrument such that the achieved saving shall cover the payment left.

HUF based:  The instrument of contract has HUF FIXED interest, the interest of HUF money market (BUBOR) does not influence the rate of the specific payments in the duration. The monthly payment is unchanged, well foreseeable and remains identical even in case of HUF interest rate rise.

EUR based: Following receipt of the authorised signed contract and contract of sale - the buying foreign currency rate of Commerzbank Zrt. is defined as reference exchange rate quoted on day of settling the supplier’s final invoice or the 3rd (third) bank working day at the latest. Fees need to be settled in HUF amount equivalent to EUR that are calculated by the current selling foreign currency rate of Commerzbank Zrt.

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